New Leaf Distributing Co. is the world’s largest wholesale distributor of books, recorded media and sidelines related to the subject areas of Spirituality and Metaphysics, Natural Alternative Wellness, and Conscious Living. We believe whole heartedly that the products we sell make a difference in people’s lives and to humanity as a whole.
Great customer service is the foundation of our success. Since 1975, we have grown with the Body/Mind/Spirit movement through our ever expanding vast product offering and our effective and innovative support for independent retailers. We strive to make dealing with New Leaf easy and efficient. As a nexus for the commercial segment of the Body/Mind/Spirit community, we serve both retailers and vendors. Customers look to us as a ‘one-stop’ with our vast product selection, fast, reliable delivery and high fill rates while vendors rely on New Leaf’s effective programs for promoting to our niche market.
As a wholesale distributor, New Leaf does not sell to individuals and we encourage you to visit local independent bookstores and other shops that sell the books and other products listed here. Use our online product catalogs and search functions to find items you might wish to purchase locally. Most likely your local independent retailer orders from us regularly and will be happy to special order anything you find here.
We appreciate your interest. May the blessings of God rest upon you. May God’s peace abide with you. May God’s presence illuminate your hearts.
Features of our service:
Vast selection

Save time and labor by meeting most of your inventory needs with one supply partner. We carry nearly 50,000 inventory items to meet your needs for books, recorded media, calendars, periodicals and gifts and sidelines in the Body/Mind/Spirit niche.

Excellent in-stock performance

You won’t need to waste time looking. If a title is available, we usually have it in stock. New Leaf has the best fill rate among major wholesale distributors for titles and products that are available from the producer. (Unfortunately publishers and other vendors often run very high out of stocks in our niche and that is beyond our control.)

Fast delivery you can count on

Orders in by noon Eastern time ship that same day. We offer same week delivery to California stores for orders in by 2PM on Mondays.

With our vast selection and preeminent service as well as innovative promotion tools, New Leaf is your best source for products in our niche. Use us for hard to find special orders as well as hot new titles. Unlike other wholesale distributors, with New Leaf you may combine various product types such as books, periodicals, DVD’s, CD’s all on the same order. Call us today establish your account. Once enrolled as a New Leaf customer, you will be given access to your customer portal enabling you to place orders, check your account on line, pay bills with a credit card, check back orders, adjust standing and advanced orders and much more.
There is no better way to sell your products into the Body/Mind/Spirit market than through New Leaf. With a vast array of promotional programs, we can help you get the most return for your marketing dollars. Once you are set up as a New Leaf vendor, you will be able to view your sales history, check our inventory on your products, view open invoices and sign up for promotional programs right here in your vendor portal.
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