Net 30 days from the date of invoice for accounts that have established credit. (See ESTABLISHING CREDIT under NEW ACCOUNTS.) Orders from accounts past due 15 days or more will not be shipped. Past due accounts will be charged 1.5% per month on the unpaid overdue balance. Customers are liable for all monthly interest charges, collection fees, or attorney costs that may be incurred in the collection process.
We offer a 40% discount off of retail on nearly all books, calendars, and recordings for orders over $100 net ($50 for web orders). A few titles can only be offered at a short discount and these are noted in all listings. Out of stock items not backordered do not count toward the minimum. Books below $1.95 retail require a minimum order of five copies per title. Other items are listed at a net price. The exact shipping costs are included on your invoice. For orders under $100 wholesale cost, there is a $10.00 surcharge. Orders below $50 wholesale will be cancelled. Orders for businesses that are not stores, catalogs or e-commerce will be cancelled if below $100 net.
Exact shipping costs are added to your invoice. We ship UPS or FedEx at our discretion unless you request one or the other. Large shipments may ship via a common carrier of our choice. We can ship USPS upon request, but it is not recommended.

Any orders shipped USPS are not guaranteed delivery and will not be credited for damages or lost shipments.

$3500 net billing in any month earns free freight within the contiguous 48 states for the subsequent month if and only if your account is current.

All orders that qualify for free freight will be shipped via UPS Ground. For UPS Ground, we will continue to absorb the freight cost but will pass through the fuel surcharge which will appear on your invoice.

If you request your orders always ship via a specific carrier other than UPS, then this will result in the order not being eligible for Free Freight.
A check returned for insufficient funds will be redeposited and an immediate credit hold will be placed on your account until the situation is resolved. Re-instatement of credit terms must be negotiated with the credit manager. Subsequent orders must be paid by credit card or be COD for cashier’s check or money order. Service charge fees will apply as follows: (a) if the check is under $100, a minimum fee of $10 will be charged to your account (b) if the check is from $100 to $1,000.00 you will be charged 10% of the face value of the check (c) if the check is over $1,000.00, the fee will be 5% of the face value of the check with a minimum charge of $100.
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