Periodicals help sell other products in your store and are great impulse items. Having the proper mix for your clientele will build sales. We recommend that you experiment with your title selection to determine best ones for your store and that you change your mix frequently to keep it fresh. We offer 150 titles from the spiritual and alternative media.
Standing Orders save you having to keep track of when new issues come out. When a new issue comes, we ship it you automatically. Standing orders may ship in combination with any order. They may also ship separately from a regular order if separately or together with available backorders and advanced orders, they total $100 or more. You may choose to never have standing orders and backorders ship separately from regular orders.
Periodicals discounts vary. Please refer to the Sidelines, Calendars, and Periodicals Catalog for a listing of each title’s cost at the time of that catalog’s publication. If you have any question about a magazine’s cost, please ask your order-taker. New periodicals are announced.
Returns must be made within four months of the cover date. The following table indicates the return method: cover means tear off and return only the cover, affidavit means that you need only send documentation saying that you are destroying unsold copies with the issues and quantities itemized, and whole means that the whole magazine must be returned.
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Circles of Light 2018 Features Catalog