MOST ORDERS SHIP SAME DAY. All orders received by 2PM Eastern guaranteed to ship same day. (Faxed and written orders excepted.)

Once you are logged into your customer portal, you have access to many tools to help you put together orders quickly and efficiently. You can search or browse our inventory and see real-time on hand quantities plus you have a plethora of buying tools available. Click on any listing or ad in eLeaves or the digital editions smart phone apps of New Leaves, and you will be at the product information page with the option to add an item to your order or add it to your "wish list." Many buyers make selections in the print edition of New Leaves and then use the digital edition to quickly enter the order. You can also quickly key in a list of ISBNs right into your shopping cart. If you have established credit with us, you simply send off your order from your shopping cart. If not, you may pay with a credit card using our secure server.

If you do not now have a username and password, it is a quick call to customer service to get set up.
E-file is a simple way to order electronically by attaching a text file to an email. E-file orders over $200 net receive a 1.5% discount off of net. You may combine books, recorded media and sidelines on the same order. Call customer service or email sr@newleaf-dist.com to be set up for E-file ordering.
800-326-2665. The quickest way to give us an order is by ISBN's or UPC numbers. Please also have the title or name of the product for verification. We can take orders by title or name of the item but that takes more of your time and ours. If you do not have ISBN's and UPC's, please have author or artist for confirmation. Please have your customer number when you call.
Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Fridays 10 AM to 3 PM Eastern time.
Fax 800-326-1066. All orders processed within one business day of receipt. Please always include your account number and phone or fax number in case we have any questions. Please give title or description, ISBN or UPC and quantity. If you are sending a confirmation copy of a phone order, this must be clearly indicated to avoid duplication. NOTE: Using E-file ordering instead of faxed a written, received 1.5 % discount for orders over $200.
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