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Ohm Therapeutics presents the Chakra Balancing Boxed Set. Set includes the High Ohm Octave Set (272.2 hz + 544.4 hz); Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork (1088.8 hz), Tuning Fork Activator (latex-free), and Sound Healing CD. Instructions include photos and application techniques for attuning and balancing the Chakra centers and the energetic body, and an introduction to Sound Layering.

Sweep the energetic field around the body—sometimes referred to as the subtle body—with the High Ohm and Sonic Ohm Octaves to help move and dispel stagnation, and promote a healthy and unobstructed flow of Qi. Qi is defined as the body’s circulating life force or vital energy, also known as Prana or Shakti.

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By working with octaves of the Ohm frequency, one is harmonizing with the earth and heavens through the vibratory conduit of the Ohm. Ohm is a tone universally recognized for its sacred, mystical and healing properties.

To deepen your experience even further, play the CD In the Key of Earth. The music harmonizes with Ohm Tuning Forks, enhancing their effectiveness during a treatment. Listen to Track 2—Light—to hear the sound wave of the High Ohm Tuning Forks.

Highly recommended for attuning the body’s vital energy centers (Chakras), Shamanic work, and to signal the beginning and/or the end of a meditation, ceremony or healing session.


  • Access the subtle body and the energetic pathways
  • Attune and balance the Chakras
  • Regulate the body through sympathetic resonance with the steadfast rhythms and cycles of the Earth
  • Move stagnant energy and clear unwanted resonance
  • Promote a relaxed, meditative state conducive to healing
  • Alleviate blockages, dispel stasis, and nourish the Qi


SOUND LAYERING: Energy healing practitioners will find that octaves work well in creating movement to release blockages. Begin with the High Ohm Octave, to loosen and bring to the surface that which needs to be released. Follow with the Sonic Ohm Octave (approximately 6”-12” higher) to further release and disperse any unwanted resonance released by the physical and subtle body. Additional instructions included with Chakra Balancing Set.

SPACE CLEARING: Energetically, a room, like a body, has a center and is responsive to movement. Feng Shui is an understanding of the natural world and the presence of Qi—the animating force flowing through all living things. The purpose of Feng Shui is to create balance and harmony. Sound is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to achieve this state.

CRYSTAL CLEARING: Crystals are subject to many of the same environmental influences and stresses that people experience. A crystal may also benefit from a clearing and rebalancing of its physical body and the energetic field surrounding it.

Because crystals grow beneath the Earths’ surface, where they remain until they are discovered, the Ohm vibration is a natural choice for resetting the intrinsic earth energy of a crystal.


Author Bio - Marjorie de Muynck, M.MUS., , MSOM, Hon.

Marjorie de Muynck (1952-2011) was a multi-instrumentalist, composer and author of two textbooks on the subject of Sound Healing. In addition, she pioneered four Sound Healing compositions in the key of Ohm—an alternative tuning not found on the piano keyboard.Always seeking new ways to experience music, sound and vibration, de Muynck creatively synthesized information from a diverse range of disciplines. Her enthusiasm and passion for music, integrated medicine, and the therapeutic potential of sound continue to inspire and influence those who listen to her recordings and read her works. De Muynck developed two comprehensive vibrational healing systems (Acutonics® and Ohm Therapeutics™) that feature the therapeutic application of sound to the physical and subtle body. Each system is based on the works of astronomer Johannes Kepler, and Swiss scientist and astronomer Hans Cousto. Kepler realized in the seventeenth century that planets have elliptical orbits. This provided basis for the modern calculation of planetary orbits and their associated musical tones or frequencies. This harmonic concept (Musica universalis) in combination with Traditional Chinese Medicine, with its focus on the body’s meridian system and acu-points indicated for healing, provide the foundation for each of these vibrational healing systems.