SACRED SYMBOLS OF LIGHT: There Is A New Language Of Light That Is To Come On To The Planet
9781613645819 - $34.95 - Jean Logan, PH.D.

Sacred Symbols of Light - One of the most unusual and powerful books ever written, a collection of divinely guided drawings called glyphs empowered by the company of heaven that have a strong healing effect on the body. The glyphs work through impulses that are electrical charges. These impulses come from the Central Sun. The Central Sun receives the directive from the Glyph which in turn activates a pulsation. This pulsation is emitted on a regular basis as long as the glyph exists. As glyphs are used on the body it increases the light quotient, energizes the mitochondria, stem cells and lengthens the telomeres. The language brought in organizes the atmospheric particles to facilitate an expansion of the prismatic fields and the expansion of the way we use Light. This manual contains 34 empowered symbols that can: resolve malignancies, restore organs and glands that are diseased, resolve eye diseases, regenerate bone and cartilage loss, remove harmful vaccinations and repair their damage, remove etheric implants, resolve neurological problems, remove stagnant lymph, remove toxic matter from the body including kidney stones and much more. Also contains instructions in using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and dowsing charts.

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Dr. Logan is an Earth Ambassador, an ordained minister, has a doctorate in Nutritional Healing and has an extensive knowledge of many types of alternative healing. As a conscious channel of Light for over fifteen years, Dr. Jean Logan receives symbols and codes from the Divine that have amazing energy that can transform health, life and well-being!!! She is the author of “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs,” “Sacred Symbols of Light,” “Symbols of the Dawn” and “Sacred Symbols Healing Cards.” Her books are now in over 90 countries of the world. She is director of Holy Ground Farm, a non-profit that provides assistance to homeless children through the sales of her books.

Holy Ground Farm has 58 acres of donated land in the mountains of western North Carolina that is intended for the home of a wellness and education center for children.

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Glyphs Healing from the Light of God