Compendium of Magical Things
Communicating with the Divine to Create the Life of Your Dreams
by Radleigh Valentine
ISBN: 978-1-4019-5122-1
On Sale Date: December 4, 2018
About the Book:
Radleigh Valentine
With a little help from the angels and a dash of fairy dust, Radleigh Valentine invites you to find your perfect “language” for communicating with the Universe to manifest your most cherished dreams! This simple how-to guide explores different divination tools, also known as oracles, which are simply methods of getting clarity and assistance from Source. You’ll learn the basics of working with the magic of angels, fairies, tarot and oracle cards, Lenormand, runes, pendulums, the I Ching, astrology, numerology, meditation, and mantras—all delivered with Radleigh’s gentle sense of humor and deft way of making complicated topics easy to understand.
With each turn of a card, swing of a pendulum, or chanted mantra, your eyes will be opened to the brightness and the vastness of the Universe. Release your fears and see again through the universal language of laughter that . . . life really is magic!
From the Author - The Journey:
I have been on a journey. It’s been a magical, amazing, jaw-dropping, and completely awe-inspiring path I’ve walked these past few months. The process of writing this book showed me things and took me places I never expected.
My love of the angels, tarot, and oracle cards has meant that these divination tools have always been all I needed to commune with the Divine, get the answers I sought, and manifest a magical life. Therefore, I hadn’t pursued most of the other ways we can communicate with the Divine and allow magic to enter into our lives. Writing this book changed all that. I’ve learned things about myself that were completely hidden from me, and I’m so very grateful for the insights. My eyes were opened to the wonders to be explored by using other types of oracles and other languages of the Divine, and I’ve loved every minute.
You may be asking yourself why you’d even want to communicate with the Divine anyway. Well, when you connect actively and freely with the Universe, magical things can start to happen in your life. Guidance comes to help you make your dreams come true. You may find that the Divine has some changes in mind for you that can make life happier. You start to see your place in the Universe more clearly, and with that comes the ability to manifest abundance, romance, health, or whatever you’re looking for.
In this book, I shed Divine Light on different divination tools, or oracles. Whatever you call them, they’re all simply ways of talking to the Universe. Some will feel right to you, while others might not. My main purpose in writing Compendium of Magical Things is to take the fear and intimidation out of these languages of the Divine and (hopefully) give you a new way to get the answers and the guidance you seek. If you test out each of these methods, you may find that one of them works significantly better than the methods you are using or any you may have tried in the past. And wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?
The topics in this book are vast and complex, but I’ve tried to make them clear and easy to understand. That being said, if I were to cover every aspect of each of these topics, we’d have to rename this book Encyclopedia of Magical Things! Many books have been written on all of these topics, so if one or more of these methods of chatting up the Universe really appeals to you, I suggest you do further reading and study. But as you do so, keep in your heart the lack of fear and the unending love of the Divine that each method offers. If you’re going to study further, choose resources that aren’t fear based. As you try out these ancient tools, let your heart be your guide. A joyful heart is a sign that you’re on the right track!
It is my fervent hope that you will go on this journey that I’ve loved so much. I’ve done everything I can to make it easy for you. I hope that you’ll walk away with several oracles you like and spend some time in “Synchronicity City.” But if you walk away with just one new way you like to commune with the Universe, that’ll make me extremely happy! Bon voyage!

— Radleigh
Radleigh Valentine and Riley
About the Author:
Radleigh Valentine is a best-selling Hay House author of five tarot decks, one angel oracle card deck, and three books, including Angel Tarot Cards and How to Be Your Own Genie. An internationally known spiritual teacher, he has spoken at more than 70 events in 10 countries since 2012, including over a dozen Hay House “I Can Do It” events. Radleigh is also a regular participant of the annual Hay House World Summit and is a frequent speaker at the Angel World Summit in London and Engelkongress in Germany and Austria.
Radleigh is the creator of the very popular Certified Angel Tarot Reader course. This online video class makes tarot easy through humor and expert insights that Radleigh has proven through teaching thousands of students. As a part of the class, Radleigh provides a private tutoring group that he monitors personally every day.
His Hay House Radio show, Magical Things with Radleigh Valentine, is a mixture of teaching through laughter and poignant readings for listeners. His very popular video show, Ask Rad!, streams on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously each week.
You can find out more about Radleigh at
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