New Leaf uses the following status abbreviations that appear on your invoice and backorder list.
  Apr (etc.) Publisher’s projected date of publication
  CNCLD    Publication cancelled by publisher; title not available
  DIS Discontinued by New Leaf—may be available elsewhere
  LIMB Title changing publishers—we may already know who the new publisher is but haven’t received a shipping date, or we may still be in the dark as to who’s publishing it now
  NEW Backlist, recently published, or new to us; title on order with publisher
  NYP Not yet published—no specific publishing date available
  OP Out of Print title; no longer available
  POS Publisher Out of Stock—indefinite delay unless a date follows
  POSI Publisher Out of Stock Indefinitely; probably will go OP
  PPND Publisher Postponed—no information available
  RPT Publisher Reprinting—no due date unless one follows
  UNAV Unavailable to New Leaf for various reasons

The following codes define certain editions or product types:
  (b) booklet
  (cass) cassette
  (CD) compact disc
  (F) flexi-bound
  (m) mass market paperback
  (H) hardback
  (O) oversized—8" by 10" or larger—paperback
  (q) quality—or trade—paperback
  (S) spiral bound
  (DVD)    video disk
  (V) VHS video
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