Backorders are orders that we hold for items that are out of stock at the time you order.
Advanced Orders are orders for new items that we have not yet received such as front list books.
Standing Orders are orders for periodicals that ship automatically with each new issue.
Backorders, advanced orders and standing orders may ship in combination with any order. Backorders and advanced orders release to ship without waiting for a regular order if they total $100 or more. However if standing orders are present, then the release threshold for shipping separately from regular orders is reduced to $50 total so you receive your current periodicals quickly. You may choose to never have backorders, advanced orders and standing orders ship separately from regular orders, and you may adjust the threshold at which they release.
You may choose as a default to backorder any item that is out of stock or you may choose ‘fill or kill’ which means nothing will be backordered. For phone, written, and faxed orders, default backorder instructions may be over-ridden on a line by line basis. In addition, you may choose as a default, for your backorders to either accumulate or replace. For example, if you order 10 copies of an out-of-stock item today, and 12 copies of the same item tomorrow, if you accumulate you would have 22 copies on backorder whereas if you replace, you would have only 12 copies on backorder. Backorders will be held until you cancel them or you may ask us to have them cancel automatically after however many days you wish.
Advanced orders are tracked separately from backorders so you may choose to cancel backorders and still have us hold orders for not yet released new items. As with backorders, you may choose to have subsequent orders either accumulate or replace.
So that you never miss receiving your periodicals in a timely way, you may set up standing orders for periodicals to ship automatically when we receive a new issue. There is no minimum standing order, however as stated above, we do not ship less than $50 wholesale of accumulated, backorders, standing orders and advanced orders.
Your monthly statement includes a list of backorders and advanced orders on file.
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