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    Radleigh Valentine
    Featured Product

    by Radleigh Valentine

    With a little help from the angels and a dash of fairy dust, Radleigh Valentine invites you to find your perfect “language” for communicating with the Universe to manifest your most cherished dreams! This simple how-to guide explores different divination tools, also known as oracles, which are simply methods of getting clarity and assistance from Source.

    You’ll learn the basics of working with the magic of angels, fairies, tarot and oracle cards, Lenormand, runes, pendulums, the I Ching, astrology, numerology, meditation, and mantras—all delivered with Radleigh’s gentle sense of humor and deft way of making complicated topics easy to understand. With each turn of a card, swing of a pendulum, or chanted mantra, your eyes will be opened to the brightness and the vastness of the Universe. {MORE}

    World Tree Press
    Circles of Light 2018 Features Catalog